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February 03, 2017
Calling All Poets Series
Celebrating Black Poetry
Poet Gold
Eddie Bell

Fred Poole
Marc Blackford

2 Poem Open Mic follows Features.
THE ROOST, 69 Main., New Paltz, NY
Doors open 7:15. Begins 8 PM sharp.
$5 admission
LIVE on Periscope @callingallpoets.
Mike Jurkovic
January 24 2017
On Saturday, March 11, CAPS will be hosting its first March Membership Marathon from 1-9pm @ The Roost, 69 Main Street, in New Paltz. Each member will have 15 minutesto read and is free to bring merchandise to sell. Please respond with an hour time frameie - you'd like to read in the 1-2pm hour, or ...
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2017 is an extraordinary and dangerous year.
Moderates, progressives, the apolitical and anarchic,
rational people of every stripe—we all recognize the threat,
and unite to resist the radical, greedy,
and un-compassionate agenda of Trumpism.
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jazz set to words

Quinn's Restaurant, Beacon, NY
Monday, Feb.27, @ 8pm


• Elevate the narrative surrounding democracy
• Educate young future citizens
• Mobilize writers and put pens to political practice

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