1. CAPSLoginPopup CaptGo to http://www.callingallpoets.net. Click "LOGIN" in the upper right.

  2. Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Click LOGIN.

  3. MyPoetryPgsMenuItem CAPTIf you are not automatically taken
    to your Writing Area, go to the

  4. EB ToolbarNEWpostIcon CAPTIn the pale Toolbar at the top,
    the Pencil Icon is third from the right.
    Click to open up the New Post Form.

  5. A Popup of the Form will nearly fill CAPS posting123
    your browser window.
    (Click thumbnail to enlarge.)

    As this image shows, the simplest way to post a poem is to write/paste-in a Title, then the Text, then click "Publish Post" at the bottom of the form. Most of the time this will suffice.

    Here some troubleshooting tips:
    Pasting in text is causing problems! If you paste in  text from Word or other text software, you might get unexpected results (formatting lost or distorted, etc). Hidden Word formatting code can mangle or even break the page, when you publish.
    If the poem is short enough and has simple formatting, consider typing it in.
    CAPS postingWYSIHow do I make returns? Hard and Soft returns make stanza and line breaks. Return or Enter is a Hard or paragraph return. Shift-Return or Shift-Enter is a Soft or linebreak return. Experiment and see how it works. It is okay to use nothing but Soft Returns, and add an extra one to make the stanza break.
    • I want to add indents. You can hit the spacebar, or check out the Indent function and other features in the WYSI tool (select a bit of text for this to appear on the right.

    You can type in optional Tags if you like, on the right, as these help visitors search using keywords.

    If you want to add a "Cover Image" to your post, see our "How to Add Media" tutorial.

    If you want to explore other features and functions (at the top and on the right) feel free, but be cautious. If you want to arrange a small group training for more advanced techniques, contact me.
    Here are some useful links. I have simplified our EasyBlog (EB) environment, so these might no t match exactly what CAPS uses. They also cover some of the more complex capabilites, which exceed what most CAPS users will normally need.

    Stackideas Beginner Video
    JUGL EB Beginner video
    Tuna Dev Beginner Video

    Stackideas Official Documentation

Video Tutorials on YouTube

These are excellent.