Jim is the originator of the Calling All Poets Inc. Calling All Poets was a program that originated at the Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY when Jim was a board member there back in 1999. Along the way he partnered with Mike Jurkovic and together with the help of long time supporters move the program forward. The program obtained its own non-...profit status in June of 2014 and moved from the Howland Cultural Center to The Center for Cultural Education in 2015. In August, 2016 CAPS moved its program to its new home at the Roost Gallery in New Paltz, NY. There CAPS and the Roost Gallery will work together to promote the arts. Jim, who writes poetry whenever the mood strikes him, considers himself more of a facilitator of poetry and a life long apprentice of the genre. More

Family Ties

Dysfunctional families splinter

and members go their own way.

The distance between them immeasurable.

Children have a love hate relationship

with their parents and each other.

Time goes by, parents die

and the siblings gather to say their goodbyes,

but never come together

or quench their thirst of longing...

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A cat stalks a robin
A worms lies above ground
Feline and bird pounce…

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Jazz Is Me

The sax player blows upbeat soulful notes
The bass player punctuates the air with staccato beats
The drummer's drum brushes scratches the skins softly
The trumpeter's muted wa wa's is a stiffled laugh
Accompanying the pianist tickling the ivories.
Fingers snap to the scat and feet stomp ready to romp
Jazz is an exorcism of the mundane
An eclectic at times hectic proliferation
Of improvised mastery of a music artistry
Eclectic as it may be it has always appealed to me.
The greatness of Miles, Coltrane and Count Basie,
Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie
And so very talented more.
Jazz for the rich and the poor
Black and white.
Jazz is me without the blues
Aaahh Blues, that's a whole new poem...

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