Fellow at CUNY Writers Institute, 2017; worked closely with Leo Carey of The New Yorker, and J. Galassi at FSG. Work has appeared in Salon, The Good Men Project, CAPS 2016, Wallkill Valley Writers anthologies, and elsewhere. Won a CLIO for package design. Designed/ran 1st multimedia stage set at Avery Fisher in 1996. Engineered Yale's Climate Insti...tute site/tools. Two short plays produced, one off-Broadway at Makor, one by Actors & Writers, upstate NY. Taught performance art at SUNY New Paltz, design at Marist. Have a memoir about being a 60s runaway, and sexual assault in jail at fourteen. Looking for an agent (who isn't?). Raised three ferocious, brilliant, feminist daughters with my best friend. Came out in 2015. Life is strange and wonderful. More

Cement Mixer Me

I do not sleep, night after night.
I stomp snock-wall cranium,
leave bloody bootprints, bone bruises,

swallow chemicals, hold my throat—
to close eyes is sand on talc,
is memory ink, grotesque plasm;
a spill within my wadded heart.

I spell words I would not hear,
on lines collapsing in the heat—
my stupid moves, my lies, my grief.

Cartoon nemesis, gravel'd me,
sinks into the alum ocean, 
wave on wave of best forgotten.

A momentary self-crustacean
snarled up in holiday lights.
All bees within, crushed in tins.

Or stoppered pour of chatterstone.
Cement mixer me.​
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