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Goggling Ooh & Ahh

Goggling, Ooh and AhhThe village eccentricspits on your car.The aging hippieargues a lot.No one has a handleon it anymoreExcept the marketand you knowthey're bettingyou turnon your own anddo the dirty workfor them. You knowthey've got itfigured outto the very last gasp.Rounded upto eat your dimeand daughter. You knowthis is how it goes.It happens t...

Goggling, Ooh and Ahh

The village eccentric
spits on your car.
The aging hippie
argues a lot.
No one has a handle
on it anymore
Except the market
and you know
they're betting
you turn
on your own and
do the dirty work
for them. You know
they've got it
figured out
to the very last gasp.
Rounded up
to eat your dime
and daughter. You know
this is how it goes.
It happens to every generation
that doesn't resist.
That doesn't rise up
against its keepers.
But snacks before
the big screen. Gogglingooh and ahh.

Cement Mixer Me
two wives ago/two doors down/the haloes in her gla...


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