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Green Kill Sessions presents Calling All Poets

Thanks to D.b.Schell & Green Kill Gallery, CAPS kicks off another year with a new livestream event, Green Kill Sessions presents Calling All Poets. Scheduled for every second Thursday at 7pm, CAPS will feature three poets reading from new and selected works for 20-25 minutes each. You're mostly familiar with many of the names, but it'll be great to see these fine poets live again!

Our inaugural livestream, Thursday January 14th, features Teresa Costa, Marina Mati and Cheryl A Rice. February 11th will feature Bruce Weber, Leslie Gerber, & Seamus Casey. So far for March we have Pamela Twining & Andy Clausen... stay tuned to this space for more livestream features.

Here's the link. . . https://www.eventbrite.com/e/calling-all-poets-caps-live-stream-january-14-7-pm-tickets-135765679803

Congratulations Ken Holland!
Viva democracy et all . . .


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